Sustainable improvement requires the organization’s entire team to own the change.  Change cannot be imposed from the outside. It must be led from the inside, from the Executive Stakeholders to the front-line team. Business leaders need solutions that are teachable, portable, usable, and effective.

Mission Simple offers a robust curriculum with implementation support and coaching services available to fit each unique organization's needs. Mission Simple also offers audits making it easy for business leaders to gain objective insight into the effectiveness of the improvements.

  1. Curriculum

  2. Support/Coaching

  3. Audits

The Business Sustainability Company

Mission Simple is an improvement methodology developed by a Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt (Marcus A. Oksa, MS RCP) to go beyond the limits of Lean/Six Sigma and empower organizations to identify, assess, diagnose and sustainably remedy the universal problems facing business today.

  1. How to improve contribution margin?

  2. How to improve market penetration?

  3. How to achieve sustainable growth? 

The root cause of these problems lies in the effectiveness of organizational alignment and organizational variation. Organizational alignment establishes the acceptable limits (width) of organizational variation. Organizational alignment is determined by the effectiveness of quantitative alignment, governance structure, and business system design. Alexander & David’s research estimates that ineffective organizational alignment is consuming more than 50% of an organization’s potential margin. More than 85% of organizations suffer from some level of ineffective organizational alignment.

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Mission Simple offers business leaders a capable method for assessing, diagnosing and remedying these universal problems. Mission Simple's methodology includes:

  1. Self-Assessment

  2. Simple Six(TM) Analysis

  3. System Effectiveness Tools (Governance, Quantitative Alignment, Business System Design)​

capable methodology