Support for Mission Simple

“Mission Simple is...elegant. It is not focused on a particular improvement methodology, but rather on a way of thinking about fundamental work systems and the inevitable interactions with key stakeholders along the customers’ value chain.”

Brad Beaird
Vice President Quality & Supply Chain
Enovation Controls

“Striving for exceptional performance challenges all of us responsible for business organizations. Mission Simple: Book 1 describes this challenge as delivering to customers the most value, in the shortest time, for the lowest cost! Authors Oksa & Wentworth begin to lay out a detailed guide based on key qualitative and quantitative concepts, which are sure to help organizational leaders succeed.”

George Kerwin
President & CEO
Bellin Health

“This is a well thought out set of steps for organizations to optimize their operations and tie all aspects of running an efficient high value, and highly reliable enterprise. The stories are very enlightening. I see the application in both service, including health care, and manufacturing. 

Ed Millermaier, MD, MBA, FACP
Chief, Primary Health 
Spectrum Health Medical Group

"Every CFO in the country is going to champion Mission Simple in their organizations.  It is the most powerful method of improving bottom-line performance I have ever seen.”

Bob Barber
Health Care Consultant
RMK Group

“Mission Simple is the first business book we’ve read that really makes sense to physicians—this book is a must read for physicians seeking to navigate the changing healthcare landscape. The key concepts are extremely relevant to our everyday practice and the material is absorbing, intuitive and accessible.  We strongly recommend it.”

Thomas Marshall, MD, 
Saied Assef, MD

Bellin Anesthesia Associates

“We offer population health programs to support the sustainability of our employer-customer businesses.  Mission Simple has made it easier for us to sustainably deliver value to our customers. The beauty of Mission Simple is that it could also play a key role in contributing sustainability to our customers’ businesses.”

Randy Van Straten
Vice President
Employer Solutions
Bellin Health​​