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What we do.

With Mission Simple, you’re in control. You choose how much external assistance you need.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

with Mission Simple

Mission Simple is a proven, capable methodology that is teachable, portable, usable and effective. 

Mission Simple focuses the entire organization on improving the three critical areas of organizational effectiveness:

  1. Quantitative Alignment

  2. Governance Structure

  3. Business System Design 

Sustainable improvement requires the organization’s entire team own the change.  Change cannot be imposed from the outside. It must be led from the inside, from the Executive Stakeholders to the front-line team.

OWL offers a wealth of resources to guide your team through the implementation of Mission Simple.

Training Programs

  1. Certification Courses

  2. Half-day and full-day on-site workshops

  3. Continuing Education 


  1. Training Manuals

  2. Process Instruction Manuals

  3. Templates & Samples


  1. Work Session Facilitation

  2. Coaching


  1. Quarterly

  2. Bi-Annual

  3. Annual